The Importance of Representation for Music Artists~ Music Right

Being an artist requires a special gift that blends determination, talent, and sacrifice. But, with so many artists watching their heroes perform on the grandest stages in the world, it is easy to focus solely on the art, with little regard for the business end of things. At some point in his or her career, each musician will have a mentor remind them, the music business involves two words: Music and Business. One does not exist without the other (if you plan on making a living doing it), and simply ignoring the business side of things will ensure that you are open to fraudulent activities that can leave you with a #1 hit, yet not a single penny to show for it.

Understanding the Importance of Retaining
"Music Rights"

The music rights to the art you create are EVERYTHING in the industry. If they weren't so important, why would record labels or producers constantly go after them? Remember that when you create something, any time it is used will generate revenue. Commercials, radio spots, concerts – you name it, its generating revenue. But, it doesn't always go the artist. This money goes to the individual or organization that holds the "copyright" to the songs in question. Again, we'll reiterate it because this point is important – music copyright means everything! Most artists join one of the larger guilds that help to provide some guidance throughout the process. BMG and ASCAP are two of the most powerful organizations in the music industry, but even they can't help you if you've signed away the rights to your music in exchange for a "shot" at living out your dream.

The Role of an Attorney and Publisher

Retaining the copyright holdings to all of the art you create involves attorneys, which can help you closely review any paperwork tossed your way. And, trust us when we say, there is going to be quite a bit of paperwork! The record labels and management firms have high-power attorneys handling all of their contracts, but that doesn't mean that you can just "take their word for it". Having your own representation can help you to better understand contracts, avoid those that will have you giving up your rights to the music in question, and ultimately, help you to propel your career for the long-haul. Publishing Houses can help artists find "placements". By having your music featured in television shows, commercials, movies, etc., you can begin generating revenue from your efforts. This is what a label will be doing anyway, and in the changing industry, having your own attorney and publisher can help you save "points" on your music, which means more money in your pocket! Far too often, musicians fall into the trap of ignoring the particulars of the industry that they are attempting to break into. With so many pitfalls along the way, protection is the key for any artists as they are starting out. Hiring an entertainment lawyer and a publisher can be the difference between signing contracts that provide financial stability and learning the "hard way" that your #1 hit is making money for everyone but you! Always be sure to copy right music, and with the help of professionals, you can do it the right way!